Do you believe that flex technology can change the application for telesoftware? TWaver Flex can give you the answer. TWaver Flex allows to easily create Telecom OSS UI applications, provides the best RIA solution for Telecom OSS developers. TWaver Flex also very easy to integrate with variable back end technologies like Java EE, or .NET applications by XML or JSON data.

Letís find out the solutions from TWaver online demo:

Now, Letís look for more powerful features from TWaver Flex:


Do you remember the way to show compiling error by Eclipse? TWaver Flex can do it!

Recommend more solutions to discover alarms vividly.


Links with different colors can be shown in different way, and they also can be wrapped and unwarpped separately


Bus Layout

Vector Graph

The following picture is not only show an vector diagram of US maps, but also combine locations with business data and show them in charts.


Base on predefined components of TWaver Flex, you can design lots of powerful equipments as below.

One whole equipment panel designed by predefined TWaver Flex components:

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TWaver online demo: