Serva Software has released TWaver Flex 1.0 final version, packed with a brand new demo and developer guide.

TWaver Flex is a TWaver branch for Adobe Flex applications. It allows Flex developers to implement professional Telecom user interfaces using Flex platform and ActionScript language which can be run in all flash enabled browser. TWaver Flex can be regarded as the Flex version of TWaver Java. To compare TWaver Flex and TWaver Java, most features are same or similar --- graph components, MVC framework, manage objects, and even the API style. TWaver Flex is so easy to use if you already familar with Flex/ActionScript or TWaver Java. Plus, TWaver Flex provides much more exciting and interesting features such as animation, vector graph and more.

TWaver Flex allows to easily create Telecom OSS UI applications, provides the best RIA solution for Telecom OSS developers. TWaver Flex also very easy to integrate with variable back end technologies like Java EE, or .NET applications by XML or JSON data.

TWaver Flex online demo:

The flex demo is available in this page. Note this demo need flash enabled browser. This comprehensive TWaver Flex demo will show you what TWaver Flex can do and what it looks like. Also, all demo souce code are packed in the TWaver Flex product package, which you can download from the TWaver download page: Serva Software.

Before this final release, TWaver Flex has been deeply evaluated and used in our major customers like Alcatel-Lucent, Huawei, and other ISV. It is clear that TWaver Flex will be an important solution for all Telecom OSS developers.