BeanKeeper (formerly Simple Persistence for Java) is a full featured, powerful object/relational persistence and query library. It has a unique philosophy of simpleness and ease of use: it does not require config files, annotations, code generation, code "enhancing", or any kind of tools to be used. It handles simple Java beans (or POJOs) and its query service returns lists. Despite its simpleness, under the hood the library takes care of all the necessary logic: transaction visibility, result list paging, keys and ids, table creation/modification, class relations, inheritance/polymorphism, case sensitiveness, and much more. It currently supports: Oracle, HSQLDB, MySQL, and PostgreSQL.


All known bugs were fixed. Primitive type handling was enhanced, so container types (Set, List, and Map) can now contain boxed primitive types too. This also means that JDK5 generics are now handled correctly. List member attribute implementation was corrected, so it preserves ordering and can contain duplicate objects. The library was relicensed to the LGPL v3.

URL: BeanKeeper (NetMind Consulting)