JDebugTool 4.4.6 - Graphical Java Debugger
The JDebugTool Java debugger www.debugtools.com is a:

* Standalone graphical Java debugger.
* Built on top of the standard JPDA (Java Platform Debugger Architecture).
* Is itself written in Java.
* Features an intuitive and graphical Java Swing GUI.
* Tool Tip data display.
* Context-sensitive Help Viewer.

JDebugTool 4.4.6 new features:

* This release adds a Display Initial Classes on Connection project setting (defaults to false). JDebugTool can query for all the classes already loaded in the target JVM, when JDebugTool initially connects to the target.

* Now refreshes the Objects Frame, in the background when the target is suspended.

30 day trial. Personal, Company and Academic licenses.

For more information:

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