jZeno is a meta-project that integrates a collection of Java libraries to form a ready-to-use Web development environment. The main architectural goal of jZeno is to allow people to create Web applications by using pure Java development as much as possible, largely reducing the need to know technologies like Javascript, HTML, CSS, database-specific SQL, and tons of different APIs.


A bug in errormessagescomponent (warnings) has been fixed. Validation has been fixed to pre-render/rebind invisible pages on DynaTables before validation. The TTL for DNS caching has been set to a maximum of 5 minutes. SessionSyncFilter will always serialize unless using an image/script service. A McKoi startup bug when using hibernate annotations has been fixed. Processing of radio buttons with action listeners has been fixed. BigDecimalViewer and ComponentUI have been added for consistency. A bug in the NewsTicker component has been fixed.