Torrent Episode Downloader (ted) is a smart tool for using BitTorrent to automatically download the newest episodes of TV shows that you choose. It has built-in support for "24", "Lost", "The Simpsons", "South Park", and many more. You can also define new shows to download. It checks feeds from TorrentReactor, Mininova, TVRSS, The PirateBay, Mr. Twig, Isohunt, and MyBittorrent for new episodes of TV shows. It can fill in the current season you are watching by automatically finding episodes that you have not seen yet. Keywords can be used to filter out false positives and unwanted versions of episodes.


Shows can more easily be added. A UI makeover for the edit show, configuration, and main windows. Daily shows are supported. Feeds can more easily be added to a show in the edit show dialog. A dialog that shows which episodes are available for a show has been added. A "do not log to file option" has been added. The new season available check has been improved. This release will check whether the entered download location exists. There is an option to filter out compressed files (password protected). A built in translator has been added. Configuration is saved in system folders.

URL: ted: torrent episode downloader