MaintainJ, an Eclipse plug-in, generates sequence and class diagrams for a use case, helping the users to quickly understand a complex Java applications.

MaintainJ is a cool tool when you are trying understand a complex Java application in a short time. MaintainJ logs runtime method execution sequence to a file and uses that trace file to render sequence and class diagrams.

The following features make MaintainJ a unique and useful tool for Java developers:

  • Generated Diagrams--Runtime sequence and class diagrams for a given use case are generated on demand in a few minutes; no need to prepare and update UML diagrams.
  • Source Untouched--The application code is not changed in anyway; application is rebuilt using AspectJ compiler to capture the method execution sequence at runtime.
  • Collapsible Calls--Method calls in sequence diagram are collapsible. One can easily explore a complex sequence diagram by collapsing and expanding calls as necessary.
  • Focused Diagrams--Only application classes in specified packages are shown in diagrams. All repeat calls occurring in a loop and recursive calls are removed from sequence diagrams.
  • Runtime Diagrams--All classes shown in the diagrams are concrete runtime classes.
  • Eclipse Integratio--Double clicking a call or class opens matching method or class in Eclipse.
  • Outline View--Outline views in both diagrams make navigating a complex diagram easier.

Check the flash demos to get a quick overview of the product.

Choudary Kothapalli.
MaintainJ Inc.