WidgetServer is a Java/XML server-side GUI-framework which enables an application to run as either a monolithic Swing app, a client/server Swing app, or as a Web app without any change and without loss of functionality. A rich widget set is supported that includes tree views, tabbed panes, split panels, and much more. A unified widget-based, object-oriented programming interface for Web and Swing GUIs is offered to the developer to control and assemble the GUI. Web applications are fully AJAX enabled. For Swing client/server applications, the framework handles client/server communication, including compression and security layers. A GUI builder is included.


This version brings a new event channel 'POSITION' to determine the size and position of a component. Some new methods in the table interface 'IUnTable' for easier handling of selections have been added. Redesigns of the 'anchored popup' and 'enhanced combobox' components are included. The Link component 'IUnLink' has an 'align' attribute now, and Cursers can be set for all components.

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