JPPF is a computational grid framework for Java focused on performance and ease of use. It provides a set of tools and APIs to enable the parallelization of CPU intensive applications, and distribute their execution over a network of heterogenous nodes. It features platform independence thanks to Java 1.5, does not require you to deploy your application classes to a server, scales up to millions of nodes, has a built-in fail-over mechanism on all the framework's components, and has a monitoring and administration GUI tool to enable remote monitoring of the server health and server shutdown/restart operations.


JPPF is now licensed under the terms of the Apache License, Version 2.0. Starting from JPPF 1.0 beta1, all releases will be licensed under these terms. Prior versions will remain under the terms of the LGPL. For the first time, JPPF integrates seamlessly with J2EE. The JPPF Resource Adapter provides J2EE application servers with access to native grid services. Numerous bugfixes were performed, especially with regards to the distributed class loading mechanism.

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