As announced by TeamDev on December 17th, 2009, the brand new version 2.0 of JxBrowser was released to production. Initially created to support Mozilla XULRunner, the product now introduces the support of two more browser engines: Internet Explorer for Windows and Apple Safari (WebKit) for Mac OS X platforms.

JxBrowser is a Java development library that allows integration of a web browser into Java Swing applications on Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X platforms. Version 2.0 has become a desirable release not only for TeamDev but also for their customers as it allows developers to use the default system browser instead of Mozilla Gecko engine. Additionally, optional inclusion of the Mozilla XULRunner files into the distribution package for Windows and Mac OS X allows development teams to optimize the size of final distribution packages.

Quoting Roman Kazmin, the manager of JxBrowser project, “The new solution was aimed to bring more flexibility to our customers by giving them a choice of browsers. We were also looking for ways to help our customers make the final distribution package size smaller if they are developing for Windows or Mac OS.”

The new version of JxBrowser is available for download and evaluation from the company’s website at On questions related to JxBrowser, please contact the product support team at or visit the support forum:

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