JSP Prize Tags is a JSP tag library. The primary tags are the Tree Tag, Tabbed Pane Tag, and AJAX Tags. The Tree Tag makes it easy to implement tree controls in your JSP pages. The Tabbed Pane Tag makes it easy to implement tabbed panes in your JSP pages. You can put any JSP code inside a tab, and even include other JSPs inside a tab. The AJAX Tags make it easy to turn your links and forms into AJAX links and forms, which reload in a table cell or div tag instead of the whole page. Also included are the icon tag, the alternate tag (for alternating content on the page, such as the background color of table rows or an ad rotator), laying calendar events in a table, and more.


This is the stable release of the 3.3.4-beta that was released in March. The primary news is the addition of Tree Daos to the Tree Tag, making it easier to create dynamic trees, with content read from either a file system, a database, or other data sources.

URL: Jenkov Prize Tags - JSP Trees, Tabbed Panes, Calendars, Alternate, Icon, Template