SecureJSH makes it possible for server-side Java applications to provide secure shell access to their administrators, users, developers, and service clients. It implements the RFC-4251 SSH 2.0 protocol with support for public key authentication. It leverages the JSR-199 Java compiler API to dynamically compile interactive Java statements, allowing you to copy and paste code between a SecureJSH terminal and your Java project source.


The Java completion algorithm was refined and is more accurate and to the point. Rarely used methods like Object.wait() and Object.notify() are filtered out. Completion for built-in command options was added - press Tab to complete a command, then Tab again to prompt for common options. This works fine with dynamic options (like 'unimport java.awt.*' can be entered by uni-[Tab]-j-[Tab], when such an import is in the list). The field definition command now takes a type name before a field name, to match the Java variable definition style.