Moonlight|3D is a modeler for three-dimensional art. It aims to support mesh-, NURBS-, and Bezier curve-based modeling. It's a redesign of Moonlight Atelier, formed after Moonlight Atelier/Creator died in 1999/2000. Rendering is done through pluggable backends, currently supporting Sunflow, with support for renderman and others in planning.


This new preview version is available in binary form for Linux/x86, Linux/x86_64, and Windows. The focus of this release is on improving support for Win32. The different transformation and extrude tools were unified. The light source types spherical and spot light were added. Tools for mesh triangulation and Catmull-Clark subdivision and importers and exporters for Wavefront .OBJ and Ogre XML mesh formats were added.

URL: Moonlight|3D homepage