Java Stencil Report is designed to write school reports in a fast way by a set of user-inserted sentences. It has a small vector graphics editor to create a full customizable print model. Java Stencil Report is designed for schools, but can be used to write any kind of judgement. It does not require any installation.


Lines in the print model editor (VectorGraphicsLine) can now be mouse-selected with a more accurate mask. VectorGraphicsElement z-depth is now displayed in the status bar. A new user friendly dialog for changing the form period was added. The placement of VectorGraphicsElement was randomized. Transparency was added to the selection border. The generic name "Indicator" is now substituted with a more appropriate "Evaluation Wizard" and "Stencil" in all label and the jstecilreport folder. A new set of icons was provided in the print model editor. Some code was optimized.