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    Smile Need a project idea in java.

    I ve been learning java for past 2 months.
    I need a project idea that matches my knowledge in java.
    I know to build awt/swing forms/applet.
    I know to connect java Application to database through type 1 jdbc.
    I know RMI concepts.
    So pls suggest me some NEW GOOD project ideas that can be implemented using my current knowledge in java.
    Also U can suggest some other ideas that are interesting, even if I dont know those concepts.(I am a quick and self learner,So i ll learn.)
    I prefer both application projects and system level projects.
    I should be able to finish the project within 2 months.
    I dont want build any games!

    Thank u.
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    If you like to practice with enterprise applications you have to take a look at www . java-task . com

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    Quote Originally Posted by marcellis View Post
    If you like to practice with enterprise applications you have to take a look at www . java-task . com
    Hi marcellis,, this is a good idea.
    But when I visit this page, I only saw task for learning the EJB technology.

    There are many topic for beginer, so I wonder how does this page change task?

    Thanks and Regards,

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    Here some idea's:
    CD/DVD/Book library
    Build up a manageable test-framework for your application (GUI, load testcases, run tests, admin tests, etc.)
    Applet: Photo Galery

    Or in other words:
    Build a cosole to organize something your interested in

    Additionally I can give the following starter hints:
    --> use free and/or InMemory DB's (MySQL or Hsql) get acquitance with different db-access mechanisms (jdbc, hibernate)
    --> learn also how to write/read from files
    --> implement a clean logging (log4j - www . vipan .com/ htdocs/ log4jhelp.html -->Don't Use System.out.println!] )
    --> implement junit tests (junit)
    --> get acquitance with spring
    --> get acquitance with java-patterns
    --> and a a good plus would be, if you learn how to generate PDF's with your code...
    These ideas willl help you to get closer to a pro level… A professional java-programmer is not only one who can do everything but also one who writes clear and readable code, makes the results reproducible (Testing) and is able to write code, which is debuggable (log4j)…

    Additionally, there's another page where several good tasks (from simple to more complex ones are described) but i actually do not find the URL…

    Ah, here it was:
    mindprod. com/ jgloss/ jgloss.html --> Canadian Mind Products Java & Internet Glossary
    --> student projects

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    might be a bit too eze, but thought I'd send it your way anyway, I guess as it's not required you can do with it as you wish, make it into a console app or GUI etc...
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    This may be generic advice, but it has some truth to it. Since you have been programming for several years, you are probably past the generic programming assignments that you might see in a college classroom. Edit: I just reread your initial post. For some reason I saw two years, and you clearly put two months. Oh well.

    This is about the time that programmers have enough skill to realize that although programming languages have a TON of functionality, there is also tons of functionality which is not implemented. So, start asking, if you haven't already, "what would be nice to have, but isn't available." That's the question I'm usually asking myself, and then I start writing a program that meets my needs.

    Don't be afraid of pushing yourself beyond your limits. For example, I just finished a program that took about three months to finish because I kept adding to it above and beyond my initial hopes and expectations.

    I then moved on to my current project, which I have attempted three or so times before, each for several months. Years ago, when I first tried it, I lacked the skill. This time around, I programmed in one week what I couldn't program before in months.

    Asking for outside help is great, but for project ideas, only you know your capabilities. Thus, in the end, it is you who will push yourself the most, because you know your abilities, you know your interests, and mostly, you know your weaknesses and where you most need more experience.

    I just thought of a cool program. Check out the post on this forum about intricate star pattern, it might be too easy, might not, not sure, but it's an interesting code. It teaches a good lesson, analytic thinking, necessary for a programmer. Don't check the code that the OP wrote, just try it yourself.
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