JCameo is a model-driven Swing framework with support for all aspects of GUI development. Key features are a large number of widgets, MVC architecture, data binding, and validation support, as well as message-based communication. It requires Java 1.5.

The second JCameo release in 2007 has seen the light. Compared to earlier versions we have further increased the number of integrated widgets and improved the functionality of already existing widgets. So we have now a new busy label from SwingX, for indicating ongoing work, have integrated the filter features from SwingX for lists and tables, and support auto completion for text fields.

Although the framework is at the moment quite stable, the current version introduces one incompatibility wrt earlier versions. While in earlier versions there was merely a single event for indicating a double-click on list resp. table rows (called row selected), we now distinguish between row selected (single mouse click) and row chosen (double mouse click).

* NEW widget 'BusyLabel' from SwingX
* NEW widget 'Panel' for incorporating non-standard, third-party widgets
* ActionControl can now receive messages which will be resent with the senderId
of the ActionControl itself. Useful when e.g. widget events should trigger an
* Filters
- lists and tables can now be filtered
A filter is defined by means of a FilterController.
* Table
- new methods removeRows(int fromIndex, int toIndex), removeRows(int fromIndex)
- setSortable is now fully working
* TextField
- new method 'setAutoComplete' for enabling autocompletion.
* TitledPanel
- new property 'shadowBorder'


* Table and list events distinguish now between selecting and choosing.
TableEvent.ROW_SELECTED is now TableEvent.ROW_CHOSEN and
ListEvent.ITEM_SELECTED is now ListEvent.ITEM_CHOSEN

Third party upgrades

* upgrade to SwingX 20070415
* upgrade to L2FProd Common Components 7.3
* upgrade to JGoodies binding 1.4.0
* upgrade to JGoodies forms 1.1.0
* upgrade to JGoodies looks 2.1.4
* upgrade to JGoodies validation 1.4.0
* upgrade to commons-lang 2.3
* upgrade to commons-logging 1.1
* upgrade to junit 4.2
* upgrade to ActiveMQ 4.1.1
* upgrade to spring 2.0.4