A new version (1.0.5) of JFreeChart , a popular free chart library for the Java platform, is now available to download. This release features a new renderer for creating time series forecast charts (see the sample below), various other feature enhancements and some really nice bug fixes.

This release features a new DeviationRenderer class, support for item labels in StackedXYBarRenderer, tooltips and URLs in the CategoryStepRenderer, and many bug fixes.

API Adjustments:

- AbstractCategoryItemRenderer - added createState() method;
- StackedXYBarRenderer - added get/setRenderAsPercentages() methods;
- XYIntervalSeries - added getXLowValue(), getXHighValue(), getYLowValue() and
- YIntervalSeries - added getYLowValue() and getYHighValue() methods;

Bug Fixes:

1681777 - DefaultCategoryDataset does not clone data;
1672552 - Zoom rectangle is lost when the chart is repainted;
1671645 - Crosshair incorrectly positioned in horizontal orientation;
1669302 - Tick labels in vertical symbol axis;
1669218 - CategoryPlot.setDomainAxisLocation() ignores parameter;
1667750 - Clip region not restored in Spider and MeterPlot;
1663380 - OutputStream not closed;
1659627 - IntervalMarker with Double.POSITIVE_INFINITY bound;
1647269 - IntervalMarker with Double.MAX_VALUE as upper bound;
1594477 - XYBarRenderer does not render bars on LogarithmicAxis;
1459958 - Log axis zoom function problem;
880597 - Zooming ChartPanel with log axes;
764561 - Dynamic chart zoom buggy.

Also fixed numerous bugs in equals(), cloning and serialization implementations.