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    Default Could someone help me to solve this problem...

    Hi all,

    As you can all see I am new in Java. I have a task which needs to be completed by Friday. Could someone help me please to solve this problem and have a solution as well.

    This is only for my gain to learn Java, and does not envolve any academic gains at all.

    Your help is masivele appreciated!!!

    ========= Domain problem scenario ===========

    Task: Given input file A, translate the content to produce output file B

    File A: Consists of multiple lines of data whereby each line is of form
    X;1.9,2;3,4.3; 5,6

    Output file B, should consists of one line per shape and should be formatted as follows.
    Shape[TRIANGLE], Points[[[3.0,3.0], [5.0, 8.0], [8.0,4.0]]], Area[9.0]

    This should be supporting 4 shape types: Circle, Square, Triangle, Rectangle.

    This should demonstrate OO principle and use Factory design patten and Unit tests.

    Note: Input File A has these cartisean coordinates which have to be read;

    t: 3,3; 5,8; 7,4
    s:-1,-6; -1,-3; 2, -3; -2, -6
    c: -4, -3; -2,-1
    r:-1,1;4,1; -5; -1,-5

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    Regardless if this is for academic gain or not, you will gain more by doing as much as possible yourself and then asking us as specific a question as possible. On that note, please post your best attempt at a solution, and let's work from there. Best of luck.

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