Jaikoz is a powerful tag editor that allows you to organize, edit, and correct thousands of audio tags with ease. Jaikoz has powerful automation features. Jaikoz uses MusicBrainz and MusicIP, online databases of over 5 million songs, which can match your songs automtically based on the actual music as well as the metadata. Jaikoz uses a convenient spreadsheet view to allow you to edit information very quickly and provides many autoformatting tasks which do most of the work for you.


This release adds a Detail pane which shows details of the currently-selected MP3 file in a series of tabs. The following tabs have been added: summary, info, musicbrainz, sorting, lyrics, and artwork. When tagging from MusicBrainz, the following additional fields are now populated: Album Artist, Sort Artist, Sort Album Artist, Is Compilation, MusicBrainz Disc Id, MusicBrainz Release Artist Id, and Release Country. The "Is Compilation" field is populated if the MusicBrainz Release Type is Compilation. This release adds support for Lyrics.

URL: Jaikoz MP3 Tagger