SoftSlate, LLC is pleased to offer our flagship Java shopping cart application, SoftSlate Commerce, as a hosted application for the first time, with our new Hosted Edition. The Hosted Edition is the result of years of experience managing the hosting for numerous clients running SoftSlate Commerce. We've developed a platform for hosting SoftSlate Commerce that provides exceptional stability, scalability, and great features. In addition, included with the hosting package is high-quality application-level support direct from SoftSlate. For full details and to sign up for the Hosted Edition, please visit SoftSlate's website.

Ideal for New or Existing Stores

The Hosted Edition makes sense for existing SoftSlate Commerce stores seeking to improve or outsource the hosting, or for new implementations. Using the Hosted Edition also makes sense for stores running the Free Edition or the Standard Edition with source code. For new clients interested in having source code and using the Hosting Edition as well, purchase of the source code comes at a discount when you sign up for the Hosted Edition at the same time.

Robust, Stable, and Scalable

The hosting platform is time-tested, used by stores for numerous clients running all sorts of different SoftSlate Commerce implementations on the platform. Here are some of the hosting features:

* Dedicated VPS—no one else shares your resources!
* Up to 512 MB for Tomcat, 800 MB total
* 10 GB disk space
* CentOS 5, Apache 2.2, Tomcat 6
* Root access
* Control Panel

Application-Level Support

In addition to providing the hosting environment for your store, the Hosted Ediiton comes with high-quality application support direct from SoftSlate. Included with the Hosted Edition are three types of proactive monitoring we perform for you on your store. One of the monitoring scripts is custom tailored for your store. It mimics one of your customer's sessions and emails SoftSlate immediately if there are any unexpected responses.

For more details and to sign up for the Hosted Edition, please visit SoftSlate's website

About SoftSlate Commerce:

SoftSlate Commerce is a powerful and highly flexible shopping cart program written purely in Java and JSP. A Free Edition of SoftSlate Commerce is available for stores selling 100 products or less. The Standard Edition has no restrictions of any kind and also includes the complete source code for the application for just $495.

In addition to selling licenses, SoftSlate offers a full range of support and custom development services for SoftSlate Commerce. The Standard Edition license includes the full source code for the application, and many clients choose to take the code and run with it, to create their own unique ecommerce solution. In other cases, allowing SoftSlate to handle all or part of a project can can be extremely valuable.

About SoftSlate, LLC:

In early 2003, SoftSlate founder David Tobey began searching for a shopping cart application written in Java, and he was surprised to find nothing in the open-source world, or on the market that was affordable. To fill the niche, he began writing one himself.

In late 2004 he brought SoftSlate Commerce to market. Since then it has been implemented by dozens of companies taking advantage of the first affordable, full-featured Java shopping cart designed for small to mid-sized businesses. In late 2006, David moved SoftSlate's office from the Boulder, Colorado area to Schenectady, New York, and began to provide a suite of customization and support services for SoftSlate Commerce. In 2009, with the release of version 3.0, numerous improvements in the web-based Administrator made it easier than ever for anyone to manage their online store using SoftSlate Commerce.