Connect Daily, a Web-based calendaring system, allows multiple users to add and edit calendar events using a Web browser. The calendar display can be directly integrated into your Web site. It provides advanced capabilities for managing resources and facilities. It supports event download to MS Outlook and Palm OS PDAs. Export to iCal clients like KOrganizer, Evolution, and Apple iCal is supported. Events can also be exported via RSS 2.0 feed. Authentication via LDAP or Active Directory is supported.


An advanced search feature allows searching on multiple criteria at one time, including calendars, item types, and resources. In addition to "search", this feature allows creation of ad-hoc combinations of calendars on the fly. There are additional fields in the RSS feed, including event end time, contact name, etc. Custom fields are now included in the List View and Week View when they are displayed inline. 15 small bugs have been fixed.

URL: Web Calendar Software