Jitterbit is an integration tool for designing, configuring, testing, and deploying integration solutions. It supports many document types and most standards-based protocols, including XML, Web Services, popular databases, text files, FTP, HTTP, and others. The integration server runs on both Windows and Linux and is configured using a Java-based user interface that is designed to make integration quick, easy, and intuitive to complete. With the UI, users can define their integration operations from start to finish: adding source and target systems, using drag-and-drop mapping to transform data, setting schedules, creating success/failure events, and tracking all of their deployed integration operations.


A global data element replacement for flat database source and hierarchical targets. Backslash characters were not handled in formula builder strings. NullableException during deploy for some WSDL files that do not define Body Use. Improved Process Engine performance. Some additional profile logging in the process engine. An option to disable the transaction in writing to a db target. A problem with parsing some RPC/encoded WSDLs (WSDL Not Importing Properly - Error) has been fixed.

URL: Jitterbit Open Source Integration - Business Integration Made Easy.