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    Default Stable Build: Eclipse 3.3M6

    Eclipse 3.3 M6 has been released.

    Major features
    • Eclipse now runs on Vista (Windows Presentation Foundation or the WPF).
    • SWT is now exploiting more of the native features of the Vista platform.
    The Platform also has a new look. Other new features include:
    • Improved min/max workflow
    • Help will now display a series of links called breadcrumbs at the top of each document that appears in the table of contents, allowing for easier navigation and more contextual information
    • Categorised help search
    • Jetty-based implementation of the OSGi HTTP service added to the Platform SDK along with the bundles that provide JSP and extension registry support
    • PDE now supports plug-in refactoring by providing the ability to rename a plug-in ID and update all references to it in downstream plug-ins
    • PDE also provides three templates (Interactive, Browser, Extensible) for creating custom splash screens, complete with code, images and XML mark-up
    The release has also added new features to the JDT, including improved null check detection, workspace relative paths for Javadoc location and more.

    New & Noteworthy
    Eclipse 3.3 M6 News
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