Restlet is a lightweight REST framework for Java. The project is composed of two parts, the Restlet API (alternative to Servlet API) and a reference implementation (Noelios Restlet Engine). It supports all REST concepts (resource, representation, data, connector, components, etc.) and is suitable for both client and server REST applications. The server connectors provided are HTTP(S), AJP (via Mortbay's Jetty or an adapter Servlet) and the client connectors are HTTP(S), File, JDBC, and SMTP(S).


This release clarifies several Javadocs sections. It fixes a potential NPE in the DomRepresentation.write() method. The ServletContextAdapter passed by the ServerServlet to the Restlet's Application was not given to the constructor but via the setContext() method. Unwanted exposing of the internal HTTP client and server connector, introduced in version 1.0.2, has been removed. The entire project has been cleaned up to support Eclipse 3.3.

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