The SIMPL open source project (www[DOT]icanprogram[DOT]com[SLASH]simpl) produces an ultra lightweight toolkit for connecting software packages together using the Send/Receive/Reply messaging scheme pioneered by QNX.

A SIMPL application consists of two or more SIMPL modules. SIMPL modules can now be written in any number of programming languages including (JAVA,Python,C, C++ or Tcl/Tk). Modules written in different languages can be mixed in the same SIMPL application.

Most of the SIMPL applications todate have been in the embedded side of the spectrum. It is likely that JAVA-SIMPL will find its first niches as a connector between an existing JAVA application and an embedded device.

The JAVA-SIMPL release comes in two distinct flavors:

a) a source release
b) a precompiled binary (i386) release

The precompiled binary release comes with a Sudoku puzzle solver example where the GUI is JAVA and the puzzle solver engine is C.

In particular I'm looking for suggestions on a JAVA-SIMPL demo project which meets the "simplest possible demo which has any proof of concept value" metric.

Thanks in advance.

SIMPL project facilitator
I am too new to your group to post any URLs in my message. If you want more information about SIMPL do not hesitate to contact me offlist.