YaCy is a personal Web crawler and Web search engine. It's also a P2P-based Web index exchange network without a central server and no censoring possibility. Web crawls can be done locally, or you can trigger a collaborative Web crawl with all other YaCy peers. YaCy is fun to use and shows interesting text, image, audio and video search results with direct links to Ogg, MP3, and video files. It has a cooperative bookmark system and many Web publishing functions.


The Search Interface has been enhanced. The interface is more responsive. Search results without snippets are blinded out. A favicon is shown beside the search results, and the results of image searches are animated while images are loaded. A Web Structure Analysis diagram was added that shows the crawl tree as a graph. A new supporter page containing URLs from personal profiles was added. An httpd access tracker was added that shows from which IP the peer was accessed. robots.txt now supports crawl-delay.

URL: YaCy: P2P Web Search Engine