MoMEUnit is an instance of the xUnit architecture for unit testing of J2ME applications. It is derived from the JUnit framework. It is only CLDC 1.1 compliant. It overcomes the lack of a reflection API in the J2ME MIDP API and supports main features of the JUnit framework such as ease of development and running of tests, sharing of fixtures among different tests, the ability to perform simultaneous test runs, and much more. The results of tests are displayed with a progress bar, statistics, and lists of failures or errors with detailed messages for each test.


Ant integration was added. Its tasks calculate lists of tests to run based on Test interface implementation and specified patterns, free developers from specifying test cases explicitly, run test cases of already built J2ME applications or build it based on source files, classes, and libraries specified, format test run output by using predefined or custom formatters (all test characteristics including times and stack traces are available), and give developers the ability to choose emulator and preverify tools and specify JAD attributes.

URL: MoMEUnit Test Framework for J2ME Applications