The Mindquarry is an integrated set of tools for better teamwork including file sharing with version control, WYSIWYG-Wiki, and easy-to-use task management. It is accompanied by a small desktop client that allows desktop synchronization, and features a small todo list.


An issue where SVN URLs were not in the correct format under Windows was fixed and long with a problem where the check for unique email address upon changing a profile included the current user, so changing the profile a second time with the same email address did not work. This release also fixed problems where task dependencies were not reloaded until restart, nested lists in wiki were not in the correct format for xsl:fo, output encoding for JSON was not set to UTF-8, lots of Dojo errors appeared when scrolling after wiki save, and the AutoSize on resize handler was not removed.

URL: Mindquarry 1.1 Release | Mindquarry, the Open Source Collaborative Software