Hyperic HQ is systems management software designed for the next generation data center integrating all of the Web infrastructure technologies, including virtualization, Apache, IIS, WebSphere, LAMP, WAMP, JBoss, WebLogic, and more. HQ's design is meant to deliver on the promise of a single integrated management portal capable of managing unlimited types of technologies in environments that range from small business IT departments to the operations groups of today's largest financial and industrial organizations.


The alert features were expanded. The alert center was introduced. Performance and scalability were enhanced. MySQL 5.0 and above is now a supported database backend. Embedded contextual help can display help remotely from support.hyperic.com or locally, with customizable local Web pages. The UI is now localizable, and sharing of translations is encouraged through a new area on the HyperFORGE: HyperFORGE - Confluence. Product coverage was extended to monitor Zimbra, Informix, and OpenLDAP in addition to the over 50 technologies previously monitored with HQ.

URL: Open Source Network Management and Monitoring Software | Hyperic