TOPCASED (Toolkit in OPen source for Critical Applications and SystEm Development) is a system/software engineering workshop based on Eclipse. It aims to provide the tools required to go from requirements to the implementation stages. The current version includes several graphical editors: ECORE, UML 2, structured analysis, AADL (Architecture Analysis and Design Language), etc. These editors are partially generated from ECORE models and models can be checked (OCL and EMF checks are currently supported). External tools can be easily connected to the workshop.


This release includes several new graphical editors: ECORE, UML2, SysML, structured analysis (SAM), and AADL (Architecture Analysis and Design Language). It has UML2C, UML2Java, and UML2Python code generators, and a Java2UML retro-engineering feature. A document generator, a traceability component (Tramway), and a Change management component (gPM) are included.