Help Center Live strives to be the best on-line customer service application available. The modular construction allows add-ons to be crafted for most any situation. HCL has a strong following due to its speed and robust capability. Current goals are to enhance administration and further enhance the module system of HCL, to bring it to the forefront of live CRM.


Provided work around for PHP 5.2.2 bug in core. An issue with initiated chats not working was fixed by putting more real-world timeouts into the configuration. More bots were added to the bot killer. An issue with setup was fixed wherein setup would fail at stage four in some situations. Some SQL issues were fixed. A bug in the Portuguese language file was fixed. A couple of bugs in setup were fixed. A bug in the saving of transcripts which affected certain character maps was fixed. A config option to prevent operators from being able to delete transcripts was added. The Smart template system was updated. The phpmailer class was updated.

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