JPOX provides transparent persistence of Java objects. It fully complies with the JDO 1.0 and JDO 2.0 specifications. It supports persistence to all of the major RDBMS on the market today. It allows querying using either JDOQL, SQL, or JPQL. It comes with its own byte-code enhancer. Its 1.1.0 release is Sun's "Reference Implementation" for JDO 2.0. Its 1.2 release will implement the JPA 1.0 specification and support persistence to DB4O. It is highly extensible using OSGi technology.


Full support was added for "ordered" Lists (JPA1). Support for many JPQL functions was added. Support for sequences was added in HSQLDB. More complete support was added for named sequences (JDO2). Full support for JPA1 lifecycle events was added. Support for JDO 2.1 XSDs was added. Support for optimistic transactions was rewritten, giving full support for all common scenarios. Support for mapping Strings to BLOB in Oracle was added. Support for cascade-persist=false (JPA1) was improved. Persistence-by-reachability was upgraded to handle the majority of cases at runtime rather than in metadata. Several bugs were fixed.

URL: Java Persistent Objects (JPOX)