StreamCruncher is an event processor. It supports a language based on SQL that allows you to define "event processing" constructs like sliding windows, time-based windows, partitions, and aggregates. Such constructs allow for the specification of boundaries (some are time sensitive) on a stream of events that SQL does not provide. Queries can be written using this language, which in turn can be used to monitor streams of incoming events. It also provides a feature similar to materialized views. Joins and sub-queries are also supported to allow event co-relation. A database is used underneath to do the heavy lifting. Pattern matching or multi-stream correlation are also possible.


This version is the result of a major refactoring job. The API has been greatly simplified. The internal architecture has changed considerably, resulting in a vast improvement in performance. The TimeWindowFPerfTest (single Query on a Stream) can do 25,500 events per second on a 1.6 GHz Centrino.

URL: StreamCruncher - Event Processor