Sequoia (formerly known as the Clustered JDBC project) provides high availability and performance scalability for databases. It provides transparent database clustering (partitioning, replication, etc.) to any Java application through JDBC. It works with any Java application without code modification and with any database engine. It has been successfully tested with Tomcat, JBoss, JOnAS, WebSphere, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Apache Derby, HSQLDB, SAP DB, Oracle, DB2, Sybase, MS SQL Server, Firebird, and more.


This stable release includes better memory handling and elimination of major out-of-memory errors. The virtual database restart ordering has been fixed and it is no longer possible to clear logs accidentally. This release is certified against JDK 1.6. Additional fixes are provided for a number of virtual database race conditions, especially the problem where a checkpoint hangs waiting for n open transactions.