jLibrary is a DMS (Document Management System), oriented for personal and enterprise use. With jLibrary, you can classify your documents, videos, or any other media type. You can export those contents to static Web pages based on templates, search on those contents, add comments, categorize it, and more. jLibrary has all the features present in most modern content management systems, including team work support, version management, offline document edition, document locking, security constraints based on roles, users and groups, and easy Web access.


Performance was improved and memory compsumption was reduced, especially when handling large files. The main changes are a new HTTP tunnelling layer, support for custom properties for documents, a new Maven 2 based deployment system that is especially handy for client side builds, and plenty of unit tests to help developers starting up with jLibrary. Many bugs were fixed both in the server and client sides. Eclipse 3.2 core infrastructure has been added. There are now stable versions for Linux and Mac OS X.

URL: jLibrary