OpenMeetings is a multi-language customizable video-conferencing and collaboration system. It supports audio/video and allows you to see the desktop of any participant. It includes a whiteboard, the ability to import a variety of image formats, invitations, a moderation system, backup and language modules, private and public conference rooms, and the ability to record meetings.


This is a development snapshot. A Pointer Tool was added. Non-moderators can click on the whiteboard and everybody will see that. The annoying bandwidth warning in the Screen-Sharing Client was removed. The Screen Sharing Client now stops broadcasting screens to all users if the user leaves the room. New toolbars, a Hungarian translation, and a new property inspector were added. A browser feature was removed. The recording button was disabled. The window resizer was changed. A servlet was added for direct login and invoking of SOAP methods without using SOAP.

URL: openmeetings - Google Code