JShot is a screen capture and uploader utility which allows you to capture a part of your screen and publish it in one step. It lets you upload your screenshot to an FTP server or image hosting server, or send it to an Instant Messaging partner. It copies the link of your screenshot to the clipboard, so you can publish your shot in one step. It is possible to extend the functionality of JShot by installing plugins. JShot also has drawing and image editing functionalities. It supports drawing shapes on the picture, cropping, rotating, text annotation, etc.


A multiple paste bug was fixed. A hang-up when using "merge all" with region selection was fixed. A problem with undoing a crop was fixed. Better resizing methods were added. Memory usage of the image preview and region upload was reduced. Unused properties were removed from "ImageRect". The system clipboard is supported, but this may not work with all applications on Linux. Resizing supports undo and redo. An incorrect location for the thumbnail panel popup was fixed.

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