EJBCA is a fully functional Certificate Authority in Java using J2EE technology. It builds on the J2EE platform to create a robust, high performance, platform independent, flexible, and component-based CA to be used standalone or integrated in any J2EE app. EJBCA comes with a flexible and powerful Web-based admin GUI.


Improvements were made to the External OCSP responder with more configuration options and Audit and Account logging. A new documentation feature was added, with on-line documentation deployed in the Web interface by default. Lots of improvements were made to the Admin-GUI with configuration for autogenerated passwords. A lot of small GUI bugs and quirks were fixed. A failover mechanism was added for the LDAP publisher. A tool for importing certificates from MS CA was added. Lots of small bugs were fixed.

URL: EJBCA - The J2EE Certificate Authority - Home