Pulse is an automated build (or continuous integration) server designed to work with you to ensure the integrity of your code. Pulse regularly checks your source code out from your SCM, builds your projects, and notifies you of the results. Key features include simple setup and administration using a full-featured Web UI, adapability to existing environments, distributed building, personal builds (test using Pulse before committing), and individual developer dashboards and notification preferences.


This is a beta build in the 2.0 series. Updates were made to allow post-stage actions to reset agents. This is particularly useful when running agents on clean VM images. Agents may be marked for disabling when a running build completes. A configurable timeout may be set to elapse before deeming an agent to be uncontactable during a build (rather than failing at the first failed ping). Help during wizards is supported. Several bugs were fixed.

URL: pulse continuous integration and automated build server :: zutubi