JFormDesigner is an advanced GUI designer for Swing user interfaces. It is easy and intuitive to use and provides a lot of powerful features. JFormDesigner fully supports JGoodies FormLayout, TableLayout, GridBagLayout, and other standard layout managers. The advanced GridBagLayout support allows the specification of horizontal and vertical gaps (as in TableLayout), which makes designing a form with consistent gaps using GridBagLayout much easier.


This release brings GroupLayout (Free Design) support (as in the NetBeans GUI Builder, formerly Project Matisse) and JGoodies Forms 1.2 support to JFormDesigner. Other notable changes: improved IntelliJ IDEA form conversion, Abeille form conversion, an improved "Choose Bean" dialog, support for SwingX HorizontalLayout and VerticalLayout, Java Code Style (indentation, tab size, etc.), and more.

URL: JFormDesigner - Java/Swing GUI Designer