AgileTrack is an agile development planning and iteration tracking tool. It assists in the creation and life-cycle of iterations, projects, stories, tasks, and bugs. It is focused on simplicity and practicality. Its interface is designed to be useful specifically for software developers on small development teams with rapidly-changing priorities and requirements. Its primary interface for developers is geared toward availability, speed, and purpose. It is flexible and minimalistic with respect to the data that is required for records. It is designed to be compatible with agile development methodologies, particularly Extreme Programming.


This release fixes a lot of minor issues found in the last beta release and adds a little bit of new functionality as well. Icons have been added to lists throughout the application. Project trees are working better. Time tracking has been fixed to update totals properly. Reporting had been broken due to the new History records, but is now fixed. Issue dependencies can now be entered. A new status bar has been added which includes activity lights to show when the application is loading (blue) or saving (green) data.

URL: AgileTrack - Agile/Extreme Programming Project Management, Iteration Planning, and Task Tracking Tool