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    Default need help creating dynamic forms

    I'm a professional web developer that have worked in asp classic,, coldfusion, php etc.. I am developing a new web app and wish to start using Java (most likely using servlets). I am a novice to java and have done some simple things like creating forms and database connections etc....

    I am developing a form for an organization where new members can fill out for there membership.

    I would like to develop an admin portion that can control this form. Where the admins can come in and make changes to this form. Like changing the text, change the form element from checkbox to option button, as well as allow the admin to add new questions, and also allowing them to change the order of the questions. And I like to program it to whee this can all be done from a browser. Does anyone have any suggestions on where I go to find out how to create the admin portions of this app? Any books, tutorials etc..

    thank you

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    Default Re: need help creating dynamic forms

    It sounds like a CMS (Content Management System) would be suitable for your needs. Something like WordPress, or Joomla.

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    Default Re: need help creating dynamic forms

    Not exactly the question a "professional" would ask. Its not like admin features are language-specific.
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