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    Default User in many roles

    Hi guys,
    This is my first post on that forum, so I say hi :P

    I want to make user authentification. In my authentification, user gives his password and login and if it is correct he is logged. It sounds simple. But what I want to do, is to restrict his access to some parts of service based on group he belong to. Sounds normal too.
    But the problem is, I want to be there many groups, every groups has its name, description and roles it is assigned to. Roles and groups are many-to-many relationship, so basicly, user <-> role is many to many relationship. How to do that kind of authentification, that user will belong to many roles.

    Lets say I will be using Java 1.8. Java EE 7, JavaServer Faces, Glassfish server with realm authentification and mysql database.

    I have read, you can do it using multi realm authentification or using method isUserInRole, but no idea how to use it. Moreover, as I have read, JDBC realm will see only one role per one user.

    Correct me if I am wrong, and move thread if it is not in correct section.

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    Default Re: User in many roles

    You need a combination of configuring a realm within the Glassfish Server, combined with some configuration in the deployment descriptors for your application. Are your users/roles stored in a database?

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