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    Default Java web application execution


    I have recently started learning web applications in java. I have a doubt described below:

    I created a dynamic web application using eclipse, but I did not added web.xml i.e deployment descriptor file. Then a jsp file named index.jsp is added in web content folder.I deployed the application and it worked by showing the index.jsp as welcome page.

    Now, my question is, nowhere I have specified index.jsp as welcome page, so how the index.jsp page is displayed without using web.xml file?

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    Default Re: Java web application execution

    Most web servers and servlet containers have a list of built in welcome page URL's that it will try in the absence of any specific configuration. The will usually look for a file called 'index' with a variation of suffixes, .html .htm .jsp, are quite common.

    I suspect whatever container you are using has index.jsp configured as a built in default.

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