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    Default getHeader('referer') question


    I have a servlet survey application I have been working on. My problem is that request.getHeader('referer') is not getting the right referal url the first time it access the application.
    However the second time(or any other time) it does get the correct one.

    The first time the application requires a user to take a survey, and then redirects them to the resource url. The second time it only redirects the user to the resource, since they have already taken the survey. I have 2 java files handling the take.survey logic, and the second one just redirecting and logging information (survey.logic)

    Both routine files use request.getHeader('referer'). The first time the user is required to take the survey(take.survey).

    As I said before, the app will record on the database the target url, instead of the referral url. The second time it runs smoothly, and gets the correct referral information.


    I am calling the app from a page with the following address:

    refering page:

    The app resides at:


    The following link is inserted into to access the app:



    1st time of clicking link it records: app/take.survey?url=
    2nd time of clicking link it gets the right value:
    3rd time correct value,and so.

    Again, both files use: request.getHeader('referer') to get the referral value.

    Any ideas?


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