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    Default How to send SMS and E-Mail on Jboss shutdown.


    I need to know how to send a sms and email when my application is stopped or terminated unexpectedly. My application runs on JBoss.

    If the JBoss stops then i have to receive the sms and email. mentioning that the application has been stopped unexpectedly.

    Please provide solution or an idea so that i can perform this functionality in my appliaction.

    Thufail Ahmed

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    Default One simple solution...


    You can use a voip-provider to send a SMS message trough HTTP. There are some providers who provide this kind of service. I use but I'm sure it's not the only option.

    Then you can use cron to run a script to check the state of the java server every now and then, eg. once in every 5 minutes.

    If you are familiar with php, it has some great functions to check the state of java. Also, php has curl-functions integrated. You can use them to send the HTTP-request to the voip-provider to send the SMS, and of course the mail-function to send e-mail.

    Hope this helps!
    Lauri Laine

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