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    Default cloning method in jsp

    how can use cloning in jsp... i try to display the text box after clicking the radio button.... but when i click the yes button the text box will display again and the user can enter new values..... i want to repeat the same process until then i click no button.... after click the no button the submit button will display... please solve my issue... i am using javascript
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    Default Re: cloning method in jsp

    I hope you realize that this is a Java forum and not a Javascript forum. Your question has nothing to do with JSP and/or servlets.

    As for your issue, start looking into jQuery. It has wonderful methods to manipulate the DOM. To get you started, this is what it sort of would look like (untested):
    Java Code:
    var textbox = "<input type=\"text\" />";
    var counter = 1;
    $("#yes-button").click( function() {
       var $myTextbox = $(textbox);
       $myTextbox.attr('name', 'text' + counter);
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