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    Post OBIEE Report using web services : problem using the htmlviewservice using servlets

    Hi All,
    I am trying to use HTMLViewService on obiee 11g to display report ouput in a jsp page. I have a Java Servlet to logon using SAWSessionService. I am able to see report data in xml format using XMLViewService...but when I use the HTMLViewService , I do not see any data , the jsp page just have a rotating clock image with auto-generated javascript and it does not contain javascript and css files any ideas?

    Code is:

    SAWSessionService locator = new SAWSessionService();
    SAWSessionServiceSoap soap = locator.getSAWSessionServiceSoap();
    String sessionID = soap.logon("test", "test");
    System.out.println(">>sessionID: " + sessionID);
    SAWLocale sawlocale = new SAWLocale();
    sawlocale.setLanguage(request.getLocale().getLangu age());
    sawlocale.setCountry(request.getLocale().getCountr y());
    //Set session parameters
    SAWSessionParameters sessionParameters = new SAWSessionParameters();
    sessionParameters.setUserAgent(request.getHeader(" User-Agent"));
    HtmlViewService htmlViewServiceLocator = new HtmlViewService();
    HtmlViewServiceSoap view = htmlViewServiceLocator.getHtmlViewService();
    ReportRef reportref;
    reportref = new ReportRef();
    StartPageParams startpageparams = new StartPageParams();
    String pageid = view.startPage(startpageparams, sessionID);
    ReportParams newreportParams = new ReportParams();
    ReportHTMLOptions htmlOptions = new ReportHTMLOptions();
    String reportid = "1";
    view.addReportToPage(pageid, reportid, reportref, null,newreportParams, htmlOptions, sessionID);
    StringBuffer reportHTML = new StringBuffer();
    reportHTML.append(view.getHtmlForPageWithOneReport ("test", reportref, null, null, null, null, sessionID));


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    Default Re: OBIEE Report using web services : problem using the htmlviewservice using servlet

    I'm facing exactly the same issue.
    Have you solved it?

    Thanks in advance

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