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    Default One server to another server redirection

    Hello Every one
    I have a typical problem on which I am working for couple of weeks but could not come out with a solutions. Its urgent and hope some one helps me out in this regards

    The situation is like this.
    I have a SERVER1, which authenticates the user and give access to different pages of the server. Then there are certain links whose pages are to displayed by SERVER2. Once the user clicks the link for SERVER2 page, server1 should redirect the request to SERVER2 without asking the user to re-authenticate. The control stays at SERVER2 then onwards. User can switch back to SERVER1 by clicking on a link in page of SERVER2. The switching between SERVER1 and SERVER2 should be in such a way that user has to get authenticated only by SERVER1 and if the user tries to access page of SERVER2 directly with proper authentication at SERVER1 and the user should send to SERVER1 for authentication.

    Also after switching the url should change from SERVER1 to SERVER2
    The follow of action is as follows
    1. user gets authenticated by SERVER1.
    2. access different pages of SERVER1
    3. user clicks on link of SERVER2
    4. the url changes from http://server1/page1 to http://server2/page2
    5. SERVER2 checks that user who is trying to access the page have been successfully authenticated by SERVER1( with out asking the user for that but based on the information provided by SERVER1)
    6. if SERVER2 find the user authenticated then user surfs different pages of SERVER2.
    7. if SERVER2 could not authenticate the user it send the user to SERVER1 for authentication

    Hope someone will rescue me.
    Thank you in advance.

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    Single sign-on - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Follow the link, You will get something out of this..
    dont worry newbie, we got you covered.

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