Need urgent help to rectify this problem

I am accessing a application hosted on Weblogic8 SP2 as WAR file
In this application I am able to login and search result and go to home page of one the search results.

But on some other machine on same IE6 or Firefox the forward from search results to Home page stops in a URL which is being used in middle to forward.

URL (also used in JSP pasted below) is created in action class called by search result link.

This is how it is impleted.....

I have a replicated link with unique Id on Search result page which forward me to this JSP

************************************************** **************
<SCRIPT language="JavaScript">
function submitform()
var urlString = "<%=request.getAttribute("urlString")%>";

document.form1.action =urlString;


<body onload="submitform();">

<form name = "form1" method = "POST">

<input type = "hidden" name="myVariable" value="myValue"></input>
<input type = "hidden" name="empID" value="<%=request.getAttribute("empID")%>"></input>
<input type = "hidden" name="ownerName" value="<%=request.getSession().getAttribute("owner Name").toString()%>"></input>


************************************************** *****************************

Once this JSP is submitted this URL has to call a action class to validate some session attribute and the hidden value in JSP above named as "myVariable" which is checked for some "myValue". So it will then Forward to Home Page.

On some machines IE6 or FireFox this is working as expected and logs show correct results all through.
But some other machines with same Browser, the "myVariable" value in action class is coming blank and so request stops at the URL submit in above JSP. However no errors or Exceptions are thrown.

Please help in this issue if some one can suggest any solution or way to dig up more on this.
Also if I havent explained clearly by chance, then pls give me another chance to explain more.

Thanks a lot for all your efforts.